Monday, June 04, 2007

Herb Parsons Lake

Weenie and I got up early Sunday morning (8:00 gasp!) and headed out to Herb Parsons Lake. We'd never been out there and heard it was a haul. We drove and drove and drove. We wound up in Williford, Tennessee. Weenie pulled over and asked for directions. They told us we had missed the turn. Figures. The morning was getting away from us and we finally arrived around 10:30. After lugging all our gear to the point where T and Pickle were, it was 11:00. They were already fishing in their kayaks.
They had been out there since around 7:30. Early birds!

We took our chairs down to the bank and wormed up. It was really shallow and not much was happening. We should've rented a boat. Nevertheless, it was beautiful and not too hot. I walked back up to the picnic table to do a little reading.

It was then that T and Pickle parked their kayaks and we began to prepare lunch. Weenie and I had brought some Johnsonville Brats for the grill and chips and dip. T and Pickle brought filet(!) and salad fixings plus some organic sausage. T had bought a grill in a box for the trip. It had everything in it. She put it together in minutes. She lit it and we waited for the coals to whiten. Meanwhile, we chowed down on chips and salsa.

Our brats were done quickly, so Pickle put on the filet. She butterflied the meat because the coals were burning down quickly.
Weenie and I chowed down on our brats. Weenie had bought some BBQ rub that she sprinkled all over them. They were really tasty.
T was tossing a salad while Pickle finished up the filet. Pickle threw in the filet with some roasted red peppers. OMG, yummy!

We filled up on the food and decided to go try and get some fish. I got several nibbles but never landed one. Pickle and T took a tiny nap. I had to run to the bathroom and supposedly while I was gone, Weenie caught a bass.

Pickle and T joined us as the clock approached 4:00.

There still wasn't much action so we decided to head home so Weenie could ride the motor scooter. We will be back so the fish better watch out!

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