Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Joan Motherfucking Jett

Last weekend, a bunch of us headed to Tunica to see Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. Weenie and I headed down right after our hair cuts to meet my Dad and the new wife (tnw). She had scored us a free room at The Grand. We walked up on them just as tnw hit another jackpot on the nickel slots. Another 900 nickels. She wins everytime she goes.

The finished up and we went to eat. We all ordered burgers and shot the shit. Around 3:30 they left and a few more of our friends showed up. We messed around and then took the shuttle to The Horseshoe Casino where the show was being held.

We went inside and ordered drinks. We downed the free ones because we knew we would be paying in the music venue. We finally went to where she was playing and found the rest of our group.

Once inside, it was pretty crowded but we snagged a table at the back by the bar. Jack and Coke was only $4! So cheap!

The show started promptly at 8:00. Joan came out and was on fire! She was strutting and yelling at the crowd. We were singing when she broke into Don't Give a Damn About my Bad Reputation.

Dyna brought her camera and immediately starting taking pics.

When Do You Wanna Touch started, we all took off for the pit. We were all fist pumping and screaming every word. It was so much fun. Here's another pic from Dyna!

The show was fucking awesome. She played everything plus some new stuff that I really liked. You should check out her new CD.

We left when it was over and took the shuttle back the The Grand. It was time to gamble. Weenie and I scored seats at the video poker bar. I like to sit there because you never have to wait for a drink. We stayed there until 4:00 and then it was time to lay down. I don't think there was any way for me to have any more whiskey.

Check us out!