Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Weenie, Bacon, Meredith and I arrived Friday afternoon around 5:00 and we started on the beer right away. Then we boarded the pontoon boat for a quick ride around the lake while we waited on the others to arrive. Here's a picture of the baby waterfall.

Later that night, Bacon decided she was going to fish and took some Bunny bread and a pole down to the lake. We were all eating burgers and dogs when she burst through the door holding a catfish named Carl. I snapped a picture and she returned him to the lake.

Then more beer drinking.

The next morning we all boarded the boat around noon. I got on the Sea Doo and rode that motherfucker all day. LOVE!

Bacon was on the other one.


Lucas and Chelsea showed up around 1:00 and they joined the festivities.

Lucas got on the Sea Doo and rode for a while.

Weenie was our captain.

Two beautiful days on the lake with all my friends. Fucking awesome.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


The bananas were victorious once again last wednesday.