Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lucinda Williams!

Lucinda played Minglewood Hall this past Tuesday. It was going to be my first time at this new venue and I wasn't sure what to expect. A bunch of us parked our cars in the tiny lot at 6:00 and then walked up the street for a beer. Once inside, the bartender told us that the people that brought the beer in for the concert lost their license and there would be no beer. We were all kind of freaking out about no alcohol. About that time, Powell called Ronny and told him that they did indeed have beer and it was FREE! We quickly paid our tabs and made our way to the venue.

The venue was very spacious and they have ample bathrooms. I loved it! I can't wait to see another show there.

Lucinda came onstage around 8:30. I was so psyched. Susan had her camera and went up close to take pictures. I was saving my camera for video.

Lucinda played for like 90 minutes then exited the stage only to return moments later with my friend Susan Marshall!

I turned on my camera and held my arms in the air.

Susan jammed on that song!

We knew Susan was going to play an after show at the Poplar Lounge so we all left the venue and headed to the bar. The bar wasn't very crowded and we scored a table.

We kept waiting and waiting on Susan to get there to start her show so I called Powell (her husband). He answered (!) and said "We are on our way and Lu is with us!" Just as I'd hoped.

I didn't see her come in but before I knew it Dena was waving me over. Lucinda stood up and gave me a hug. She remembered us from last year when we hung out in the bus with her. Anyway, she patted the seat next to her and told me to sit down.

We chatted for about an hour and then I got up and let her enjoy the rest of Susan. But not before I asked for a picture.

I had given Susan my CD in case I didn't see her and she got Lu to sign it on the bus.

As Susan was wrapping up her set, she called Lu up on stage and they sang Don't Let Me Down by the Beatles.

They tore it up. OMG, I'm still reeling from the whole night. Amazing.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Grammy Night

Because we have musician friends, we got invited to the Grammy Party at the Hard Rock Cafe on Beale.

Ice sculpture. Someone does not like it.

Us on the red carpet with unknown friend.

Group photo.

There were free drinks involved and somehow I got hammered. Hammered + Monday = Mizzy.

U of M game

Mooey scored some tickets for the U of M/Rice game. We had row L which was very close and we had a waitress to bring us beer!

Coach Cal!

The student section read the paper while the other team was announced.

Our view.
Today, the polls came out and we are #6. Suck it!

Christmas in New York Day Five

After a night out bar hopping, the morning came to soon. We had to get to the MOMA if we were going to get in the Van Gogh show. We quickly showered and ate a bagel, left the apartment, hailed a cab, and were in line at 8:45. The line wasn't very long so we knew we were guaranteed a viewing.

After buying tickets, we rode the elevator up to the 2nd floor and were immediately allowed into the Van Gogh exhibit. I was mesmerized immediately and didn't speak a word for 45 minutes.

No pictures were allowed but I was able to take a few with no flash. This exhibit was incredible and nearly brought to tears.

Since it was our last day, we cabbed over to Herald Square for some shoe shopping. Surprisingly, I did not purchase one pair (one year I bought 4).

Then we cabbed over to Union Square where we went to the same diner that still wasn't good. Next year, we won't be eating there.

After eating, we hit the Strand bookstore where Mooey purchased some travel books.

We were beat after the museum and all the shopping and knew we had big dinner plans. We headed back to the apartment to pack and rest a little before going to Rosa Mexicano.


Pomegranate margaritas!

I ordered a shrimp dish that was very spicy. It was delicious!

Here's a picture of Mooey's family (I'm an honorary member).

After eating and drinking, Stooie and I napped at the table.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Weenie's New Sled

Check out Weenie's 1986 Lincoln she just got. I'm in love with it. She let me drive it to work today since she rode her Harley. It basically drives itself.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Christmas in New York Day Four

Saturday, we slept in and wanted pizza for lunch. We had heard of Patsy's in Harlem but we ran into a delivery guy in the elevator and he told us they were on Columbus too. So, we walked down a couple of blocks and found it easily.

The pizza was outstanding!

Then we cabbed it over to the MOMA. We really wanted to see the Van Gogh exhibit. We got in the long line and heard people say it was sold out. Then I freaked out. Mooey called her dad and he called the MOMA. They only sold a limited number of tickets daily for the show. 150 people every 30 minutes. I was near tears. Her dad said if we got up early the next morning and got in line, we were sure to get to see it. I was a little relieved but sceptical.

So, we grabbed another cab and went to the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame Annex in Soho.

No pictures were allowed in the exhibit but I managed to sneak a few out of the pouch of my hoodie.

The first room had all the inductees and their signatures. I had to take a picture of my man Prince.

Elton's shades.

Prince's guitar. They also had his purple coat from Purple Rain but it came out blurry.

After spending several hours here, we hailed a cab over to the Guggenheim. We only had about 90 minutes before it closed. They were showing a Catherine Opie exhibit including photos of drag kings.

The show was amazing. I felt really lucky to have been able to view it. It was also awesome watching the straight tourists reactions to some of the photos.

Then it was time to bar hop!

Patron to get the party started.

Then it was time for Malachy's. It was packed and they didn't know how to pour a Black and Tan so we left.

We ended up at P.D. O'Hurley's. Another Isish pub.

We had gotten hungry and decided to get some hot wings so we wouldn't get so drunk. They were really good and super hot.

Then Mooey had to brag about her new wallet from the M&M store.

Here's what I think of the wallet.

We left there and made one more stop. The P & G (the pig) is our favorite. We scored 2 seats at the bar and flirted with the cute bartender.

Here is my $8 pack of cigarettes from the bodega next door.

Jack for Mooey and Soco for me.

The shooter just about did us in. We got the giggles and had to retreat outside for a smoke.

Starving, we walked to Big Nick's and got a slice. It saved our life.