Monday, March 31, 2008

Louisiana Wedding Day 1

I just returned from 4 days in Louisiana for a wedding (Mooey's brother) and I'm still hungover. Those guys know how to throw a wedding!

Six hours after we left the house, we took the exit to Lafayette.

Then we took the Sunset exit.

We arrived at La Caboose Bed & Breakfast shortly after taking the exit.

We were greeted by the proprieter, Margaret Brinkhaus almost immediately. She was very kind and told us the history of the mailcar we were staying in.

There were lizards everywhere!

Here is the inside.

Check out the pull chain on the toilet!


Margaret had made french toast for our breakfast. Also, there were cut up strawberries in yogurt. Delicious.
She had also left us a decanter of wine to enjoy before we had to meet the rest of the wedding party.

Margaret makes jellies and sells them in her gift shop. We all got a little sampler to take home.
We had gift bags on the bed that had all sorts of Cajun cooking items.

After a little wine, we loaded up in the car to meet everyone at the Rhythms on the River in Lafayette. Playing that night was Terrance Simien, Grammy Award winner. We hung out there and listened and met the wedding party but then it was time for "Girl's Night Out" and we separated from the guys and went to Cafe Roma for drinks and food.
We ordered hummus and garlic baked shrimp. Both were exceptional. Mostly we drank.

Mooey and the bride-to-be.

Upon leaving Cafe Roma, we piled into 2 cars and went to Grant Street Dancehall. Since there were so many of us, we negotiated the cover charge and entered. Wow is all I can say. The music was being played by Geno Delafose & French Rockin' Boogie. They were fantastic! Dancing and more imbibing followed.
I'm not sure what time we got home but I had truly seen some amazing Acadian/Cajun dancing. It was magical.


Two Sundays ago, Weenie and I went to Brunch at 1912. We both had the applewood bacon and cheese quiche which was to die for.

We couldn't leave without getting the vanilla creme brulee. It was also delicious.
After brunch, Weenie went to Carol's for a massage and Dyna came by and scooped me up. Ann was in from NYC, and it was a pleasure to see her in the front seat. We went to the Blue Monkey and started with Grand Mimosas (Grand Manier, champagne and OJ). It wasn't long before Carol and Weenie showed up along with Bacon and Meredith.We lasted there a couple of hours but soon moved the party to One More.

Monday was not pretty.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Harry's Detour

Weenie and returned to Harry's Detour for another fabulous dinner. We ordered this appretizer. It's called Chaurice Diablo. The slaw was sweet instead of sour and really added to the dish. I ordered the pork chop. It was in a BBQ sauce that was spicy and had been pan seared. There was a nice crust on the outside and it was cooked medium. Absolute perfection.
Weenie ordered the Tilapia in a tomato butter sauce. The southwestern polenta was to die for and I kept trying to steal bites off her plate.

After stuffing ourselves, we went to Old Zinnie's for beers. Slick and Karn met us up there.

Then I got a call from Mooey saying she was having an impromptu kitchen party and to go get beer and come over. We got the check and got beer. When we arrived, there were about 10 people already dancing in the kitchen.

Mooey kicked us out at 1:30.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Last week, we finally made it to Alcenia's Restaurant down in the pinch district.

Here is a painting of Alcenia. All the recipes are hers.

Notice Ghetto Aid. We didn't try any but I wanted to. I stuck with the sweet tea which was plenty sweet!
I ordered fried chicken, green beans and cabbage. OMG, the chicken was so juicy and had a good scald on it. The cabbage and green beans were both spicy and had a caribbean feel to them. Everything was delicious. I cannot wait to go back!