Tuesday, September 25, 2007


This post begins one of many and you will probably be sick of Greece by the time it's over. But, I don't care. I took over 900 pictures and had a blast!

It all started on Saturday morning as Jed took us to the airport. Our flight to Atlanta was a little late but we landed safely. Our layover was supposed to be 4 hours but with the time change and the time it took to exchange our money, it was only around 2 hours. I gave the man $400 and got back $260 euros. Suck!
We grabbed some lunch and then waited at the gate. The gigantic airplane arrived and we boarded. We flew. I dozed. I looked out the window. It was the ocean. Forever.

Then the Swiss Alps.


And 10 1/2 hours later, finally Athens.

But the airplane fun had not ended as we had to catch another flight to Mykonos! On a prop plane no less!

We landed and the van to the hotel was there to pick us up. We drove through Mykonos town and to the hotel. It took us about 15 minutes.

We checked in without a hitch and the bellman took our giant bags for us. Good sign. We got to the room and it was awesome!

It was very cute and the sheets looked ironed!

We immediately put on our swimming togs and headed to the pool. I think I'd slept about 5 hours but Mooey and Weenie were not so lucky. They'd dozed some but had basically been up for 24 hours.

We were starving so we sat at the pool dining area and ordered club sammys and beer. The beer led to wine. Check out this view!
Weenie and I fell asleep at the pool. I made it back to the room but never recovered. Mooey and Weenie went out for a bite and look what I missed!
Yummy eggplant salad!
And Greek dancing. Motherfucker. Can you believe I slept through this?

No dancing for Mooey! Mooey and Weenie named them Milli Vanilli.

Friday, September 14, 2007


Buh bye bitches! I'll be returning the week of the 24th with more pictures than I will know what to do with. Perhaps I need a Flickr account. Anyway, don't have any fun while I'm gone! I'll be super tan when I get back. Sorry.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bon Voyage Party!

Tuesday we gathered at the Bayou to say goodbye to our friends. On Saturday, Mooey, Weenie and I will be leaving on a jet plane to Greece.

Jager!Suprisingly, we left there and went to the One More. The music was blaring on the patio and it wasn't long before Karn started her dance recital.

Then DP showed up.

Then we moved inside to play darts.The dancing kept getting in the way of the game.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Saturday Night

After having snorkel lessons for our upcoming trip, beers were consumed and a plan for Saturday night was hatched. We'd heard there was a new gay bar not far from Mooey's so we decided that was where we would go. But first, we needed some nourishment in the form of cheese dip and margarita's. Jed, Mooey, Weenie and I descended upon Los Compadres and scored a table on the patio.
I think it was around 8:30 when we got to the new bar. It was in a strip mall.
We entered and noticed it was empty and very, very big. We walked back to the pool table area and sat on the stools at the bar. The waiter came around and took our drink order and one of us mentioned something about it being a gay bar. The waiter quickly corrected us and told us it was not a gay bar. The two straight guys at the bar were very glad to hear those words. Oh well. We got quarters and played a couple games of pool. Bacon and Meredith joined us at this point.

We tired of this place quickly and set off to the One More. It was fucking packed. Jesus. Can't people find somewhere else to go?
Around 11:00, our group was waning and the other 4 decided to head home. It was then I received a text from Mel saying her and Carol were on the porch and we were told to come by. So, we said bye and headed over. Weenie ran to the store for a few beers and we ended the night on the porch.