Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Belize Day 2

Sunday morning we woke up early. It was my 40th birthday (retch). We put on our trunks and headed out to the Happy Lobster for breakfast. We were planning on going to the Split for some snorkeling later.

I ordered an omelette, sausage and some potatoes. The potatoes were awesome. The green things you see are jalapenos. Delicious.

After breakfast, we started walking towards the Split.

Mooey stopped to talk to the dive shop and I made a friend.

The view at the Split.

The bar at the Split was called the Lazy Lizard.

It was very crowded at the Split because it was Easter. Mooey and I put on our snorkeling gear and got in. We weren't staying long. The wind was blowing about 30 miles an hour and I could tell the current was bad. As soon as I jumped in, I noticed how deep it was and that there was a shipwreck under me. I immediately saw a big angel fish.

Then I looked to my right and there was a southern stingray!

I came up for air and almost got run over by a boat. Thanks.

Then I looked around and there was another stingray!

Mooey and I fought the current as long as we could and got out. That was my first stingray sighting in the wild.

We packed up and went back to the cabanas. It was time to start celebrating my birthday! We were also awaiting the arrival of the rest of our group.

I started off with a strawberry daiquiri.

Then Weenie saw this huge lizard!

Then I had a Belikin.

We saw this little bar right down from the cabanas called Popeye's. We decided to check it out.

Mojitos! (what is my hair doing?)

Mooey and Weenie posed with Popeye.

Then we walked to Rose's cafe for a little lunch. I ordered grilled whole snapper. YUM!

Then the rest of our party arrived after their flight was canceled the day before. They came bearing gifts. It was also Easter so I got an Easter bunny filled with candy!

Then the girl from the front desk came and informed us that our luggage had arrived. Hooray! We taxied out to the airport and picked it up. It was a great birthday present!

Once back, we walked over to the Sand Box where I ordered a banana daiquiri.

Hooray, the whole group!

We walked back to our place and went upstairs to enjoy the view and more drinks!

More banana!

Our faithful bartender Jabulos waited on us all week. These are Panty Ripoffs.

New Sanuks from Ronnie, Susan and Leeann.

We got hungry so set off for Don Corleone's. We were all pretty toasty.

I ordered pizza. It wasn't very good.

Then cake and singing. I was thrilled.

We walked back to the cabanas but not before we stopped to buy some bandanas. They didn't have the tradional plain ones so we bought these hideous ones. It didn't help that we were drunk.

Crying.I had a great birthday. Thanks everyone! Also, thanks to Weenie for being the photographer!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Belize Day 1

Mooey, Weenie and I got up around 3:30 am to head to the airport. Our flight was at 6:30. The airport was pretty deserted and we went up to the counter to check in. They told us our flight had been canceled and we were now on the 8:30 flight to Atlanta instead of Houston. Mooey had gotten her ticket using miles so she just got bumped to a later flight to Houston. We were all bummed. The good news though was we were now on the flight with the rest of our party. We all boarded the Atlanta flight only to get seated and be told the airplane was broken. We stood in line waiting to be rebooked. Little did we know there are only a few flights to Belize daily. The nice Delta man was able to get Weenie and I on a flight to Miami but the rest of the party had to go home and come the next day. BOO!

We barely made the flight to Miami and once in Miami, we barely made the flight to Belize. We were dead tired when we landed and we had no luggage but we were at the beach!

We took a taxi through town.

He took us to the water taxi that would transport us to Caye Caulker.

We were last to get on and had to sit in the front. The ride was bumpy and jarred my insides.

Once we got off the boat and took in the scenery, it was stunning.

The Seaside Cabanas were at the end of the pier.

We checked in quickly and went to our room. It was nice.

We checked out the bar, Uno Mas.

We were starving so we went next door to the Sand Box. The inside of the restaurant has sand on the floor.

The first order of business was to have a beer!

Dena ordered the chirmole which is a black chicken soup. It was unbelievable.

I ordered the jerked snapper sandwich. It was so spicy I could barely finish it but it was divine.

Afterwards, we moseyed back to the bar to wait on Mooey. Here is a picture of my banana colada! Yum!

View from the pool.

Drink specials! 2 for 1!

We went to bed around 8:00. We were all dead. Tomorrow was my birthday!