Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Labor Day

The Wednesday before Labor Day, Weenie, Mooey and I boarded a plane to New York for a long weekend. We got in around 10:30 and cabbed to Manhattan. We were beat. We visited with her parents for a short while and then off to bed.

The next morning we were waiting for another friend to arrive. It was a surprise for Mooey. Our old friend Sandy was arriving from Burlington that morning! After her arrival, we walked down to our favorite diner, Pier 72. YUM!

After fueling up on breakfast, we shopped around the Upper West Side until it was lunchtime. We decided on Rosa Mexicano. It was margarita time!

Pomegranate margaritas. $12 each. Strong as shit. We had 3 each. Whoops! Do the math.

Mooey was very surprised that Sandy made the trip. We really tricked her!

The food was awesome. I had carne asada. Delicious!

After Sandy bought our lunch, we went next door to P.J. Clarke's for more drinks! We were super buzzy already.

The day was stunning.

As we were sitting there, our table almost on the sidewalk, I noticed paparazzi everywhere but I didn't recognize anyone that walked by. Finally, I got up with my camera and walked around the corner. There was a movie being shot. I heard some people say it was the new Hilary Duff movie. All of the sudden, a guy walked out and everyone went running. So, I followed. I took a picture of some young guy I've never seen before. It didn't really come out so I'm not posting it. Apparently, everyone else knew who he was, they were all trying to have their picture made with him. Oh well, I'm old.

Sandy decided we were in need of show tunes, so we cabbed over to Marie's Crisis. We were a bit early and the only ones in the bar. It's very tiny and we chatted up the bartender while going out to smoke.

Finally, around 5:00, the piano player showed up and Mooey and Sandy sang a few show tunes. I'm not sure what they sang but there might've been a tune from Phantom.

We got directions to Henrietta Hudson's from the bartender. It was only a few blocks.

Sandy immediately got in the cage. We were in hysterics and I thought they might ask us to leave.

Weenie and Sandy decided to play pool while Mooey and I drank.

It wasn't long after the pool game that Weenie had had enough and we headed home. I think we passed out around 8:00.

The next day we needed pizza to cure our hangover so we went to Patsy's. Delicious!

Then we cabbed over to Fifth Avenue for a little shopping. First stop, Tiffany's!

Weenie picked out a couple of things she liked and I bought them for our anniversary.

After shopping at Tiffany's we walked to the Argosy bookstore that Mooey's stepmom owns but not before Weenie and I got a hot dog. It was not good.

We caught the Hudson Line at Grand Central.

What a gigantic place!The view from the train was awesome. The Hudson was beautiful!

Weenie on the train.

We arrived at Cold Spring, NY and Mooey's stepmom was there to pick us up and take us to the lake house.

As soon as we arrived, I unpacked my fishing pole and put it together. Within minutes, I pulled in this bass.

Sandy and Stu went out for a canoe ride.

The moon was magnificent that night. Weenie grilled chicken as we watched it rise.

I was worried about my hair for the picture so Sandy fixed it for me.

The next day was just as beautiful and after breakfast, I took my hot dogs down to the pier and began fishing. It was 9:00.


Everyone else enjoyed the boats.

I sat and fished ALL day. I think 8 hours. I caught a bunch of fish.

Then I caught this giant catfish. He must've weighed 5 pounds! I could put my fist in his mouth!

It was so beautiful there!

Here's the whole clan.

Here is my breakfast view. Banana and a bagel. Yum!

We caught the train back to the city and cabbed it to Chinatown. Dim Sum baby!

Chinatown was so packed, we didn't stay long. The crowds were just too much.

Instead, we cabbed it back to the apartment, dropped off our bags, and decided to bar hop. First stop, Malachy's.

Here Mother Malachy is telling me a story about some kick box champion. She was quite a character and liked us so much, so knocked off all the beers on our tab!

Then we went to Jake's Dilemma where we had the dumbest server I've ever encountered.

We ordered shooters but apparently people don't order shooters so she brought them as drinks. I ordered an Absolut and soda with a splash of cranberry and she brought me an Absolut Mandarin on the rocks. I sent it back and she brought it right back and said "the bartender says it's right." To which I explained cranberry juice was red and my drink was clear. We asked for the check.

She felt bad so she brought us 4 shooters (what a concept?) on the house.

We walked across the street to St. James Gate.

We ordered pomegranate caipirinhas. They were so good and so strong.

We were good and drunk and walked back to Niko's for a late dinner.

They stuck us in the back which was good because we were loud and obnoxious.

The next morning, Weenie and I got up and went to Times Square to the M & M store. I just love that store.

Then Sandy and Mooey picked us up in a cab and we went to Katz's Deli for a pastrami.

The sandwich is gigantic and so moist and delicious. I think for the 4 of us the tab was $93.
Super expensive and we only had sodas.

Then we walked to St. Mark's Place for a little shopping before heading to the airport.

I ordered this frozen yogurt. It was delicious.

We hope to make this an annual trip. Mixing the lake with the city was great!


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