Monday, June 12, 2006

Northside Tavern, formerly known as Betty's Lounge, is where we ended up but not where we started.

D and I jetted out of work at 3:00 to get on the road by 3:30 to make a 5:30 tee time in Milan, Tennessee. We pulled in to the Milan Golf & Country Club (a club in the country) at 5:00. We went in and grabbed a seat at the bar. D and I love Bud Light but we had left in such a rush, we had forgotten our cooler. My Dad said he'd find us something. So, he found a box and lined it with a trash bag.

We loaded everything up in the golf cart and headed out. After about 2 hours and 5 beers, we were done with golf and once again perched on a bar seat.

The MG & CC bar closes at midnight as does all bars in Milan. D and I hadn't had enough beers apparently because we took off for Jackson, Tennessee. It's about 20 minutes from Milan and everything stays open until 3:00.

We normally go to Jessie Lee's because it's the only gay establishment in the area. As we approached the parking lot, it was obvious they were no longer serving the Bud Light to anyone.

I told D we could go to Mulligan's but it was on the other side of town and it was already 12:30. That's when we saw the Betty's Lounge blinking sign. I was very apprehensive. It was a total biker bar and D and I are not on the feminine side. D was already out of the car before I could put up much of a fight.

D pushed open the door and thankfully it wasn't very crowded. D made a beeline for the bathroom and left me to get the beers. I ordered 2 BL's and asked for change for the pool table (only 25 cents!).

I racked the balls and then a guy came up and put his quarters up. D and I finished our game with me as the victor. I told her I didn't want to play the dude and she should go ahead. We looked around for that guy but he must've left. D walked around and asked another guy if he wanted to play. He agreed.

He introduced himself as Doug and could not have been nicer. Here is a pic...

D and Doug played several games. He was a really good player. Then we all sat down to chat. Doug decided to bare his soul to his new friends. He told us about how when he was 21 he had sex with a 16 year old and was arrested for statutory rape. He spent 6 years on jail and had to register as a sex offender. Uh, ok? Then he went on to say that he was now living with the mother of the girl he slept with when he was 21. Are you kidding me?

Then he proceeded to make a few lewd comments to D when I was in the bathroom so we put on our jet packs and blasted out of there. We got home around 2:30.


GG said...

I'm never going drinking with you again for fear of winding up on this blog!


Karnstar said...
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Karnstar said...

I'm ready to go to some dives in Jackson with Hoo Hoo and D!

GG said...

You don't post very often. You must not drink very much.