Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It's a Drag

Friday night Weenie, DP, Dyna, my cousin JD, and I headed to Millington for the NHRA drag races. It was a beautiful day and about 78. I had played in a golf tournament that morning and then Dyna and DP came over and we sat on the patio and drank beer until the working stiffs (Weenie and JD) got off work. It was a hard day for me.

Pro Stock.

They didn't sell regular sized beer there.

Funny cars!
Dyna is holding a spark plug she got off Melanie Troxell's car.

John Force.

Top fuel.

Afterwards, we bar hopped and ended up at Yosemite Sam's. Some of the girls decided they would sing Fat Bottomed Girls. It was bad.

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