Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Obama Wins!/Lucas Turns 26!

Tuesday, Dyna came and scooped me up at home around 3:30. I was a nervous wreck about the election and we both took off work to calm our nerves with beer. Dyna had her porch all decked out. Here is the map for coloring.

TV for election results.
Dyna had Lola amend her 2004 t shirt.

Everyone was gathered around the TV as the polls closed.

Mooey was knocking out the red wine.

Lola and Egypt were working.

Weenie is coloring in South Carolina in red. She drew a middle finger instead.

Torrence is coloring in Maine.
Mooey is coloring in her home state of New York.

Here I am putting my thoughts to paper about my home state of Tennessee.

Then I looked at the TV and it said "Breaking News! Obama has won!"

We didn't believe it at first but then I heard the champagne popping and I knew victory was ours!

Weenie said fuck coloring in the map.
We left Dyna's and went to One More for darts. As soon as we walked in, Obama was taking the stage for his speech. No one spoke the entire time.

Then Lucas, Alan, Chelsea, Ian and Drew showed up for part 2 of the evening. It was Lukey's birthday! Darts immediately!

It was a looooooooooooong night.

1 comment:

Chelsea said...

h my goodness
oh my goodness

1. that was one delightful night
2. we were sh*t canned (no peni drawn in the parking lot though...)
3. burchman hit some lady in the neck with a dart. whoooop!

we must schedule another dart party

love ya