Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Wednesday morning, the Powell van (bus) came by my house to scoop me up. I was outside waiting. Teenie was in tow as well. I was very excited to be hanging out with him. He is a true living legend.

Once we got to Little Rock, Teenie said he knew some place to get BBQ so we were all in. He directed us to Sims Bar-B-Que.

They brought the Cokes to the table and check out the crushed ice!

I ordered the rib plate. Delicious! The potato salad tasted like pickles but everything else was divine.

Apparently, the restaurant is located in a bad neighborhood hence this sign on the door.

After eating, we (Teenie) headed over to the Liquor Barn for some refreshments.

We arrived in Dallas around 6:00 and dropped Teenie off at this millionaire's house. I have never seen a house like this. Unbelievable. I took a picture of the heated pool and putting green out back but they didn't really come out.

We went in and had a beer. We helped Teenie unload his stuff including his guitar. I took a picture of his guitar strap.

We left Teenie and went over to Susan's sister's house. She was putting us up for the night. She had cooked lasagna and it was delicious. We had a couple of glasses of wine and then I hit the hay. We had a big day tomorrow.

We left Dallas around 10:00 and made it to Austin at 1:30. It was hot and we needed to check in at the Convention Center. Susan dropped us at door while her and Jeff found a parking place.

Teenie and I sat in the shade.

Then a friend joined me and sat right next to me. She was collecting rocks and then took off her shoes. I had to go then.
We were running out of time but needed to register and get our wristbands. We went inside and made it out reasonably quick.

Then it was off to KEXP for an interview with All Access Live.

While waiting, Teenie held court in the lobby. That's Cody Dickinson from Hill Country Revue in the black jacket.

They called us upstairs for the interview.

They interviewed Susan for a long time then called Teenie in at the very end.

We left the studio and found our way to the hotel. We unpacked and went down the street for dinner. Teenie and Susan were pooped but Jeff and I were ready to conquer 6th street! Susan dropped us off and we were met with a barrage of people. It reminded me of Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

We walked by Esther's Follies and I looked in the window. This band was starting. We ran in and got a seat. I had to video it.

We only stayed for one beer. Jeff looked at his schedule and we saw where there were some Memphis bands playing at the Dirty Dog. So we headed down there.

We watched Lucero for about 2 beers and got bored. Did I mention we were shooting Jack too? We left the bar and started walking again. That's when we saw this piece of pizza (or what was left of it?).

Completely flattened.

Just after we finished laughing at the flattened pizza we turned around and there was a dance party. Enjoy.

In case you can't place that song, it's this.

We watched for a minute, then continued on. We came upon another bar and went in.

We could only guess that this was Jack Daniel's himself. Jeff had to have his picture made with him.

We called it a night after that and cabbed it back to the hotel.

The next day Susan had a gig at the Sin City show at Maria's Taco Express.

It was packed!

We made our way inside and scored a table. We got some food and I started in on the free beer!

The show was fantastic. Susan sounded so great and Teenie got up for one song. It was magical.

Afterwards, we loaded up and went to the next venue. As you can see, the streets were always packed, day or night.

We arrived at the venue around 6:00 and stayed there until almost 2:00. Here's a picture of Teenie and I before he took the stage with Susan.

The next morning (afternoon), Jeff and I were moving slowly. We went to Denny's for some breakfast (lunch). I was feeling like complete shit after 2 nights in a row of drinking. I told Jeff I was probably going to skip drinking today and he said "Not if Evil Jeff has anything to do with it".

Breakfast (lunch) was awesome and we got in the van and Susan dropped us off at the end of 6th street. We were off to watch the Tigers play Maryland. We walked and walked until we finally found Daddy's Grill & Bar.

It was packed with people watching basketball but we were able to get 2 chairs upstairs right in front of 3 gigantic screens. I ordered a bloody mary and then 3 more. Then onto beers. The Tigers killed Maryland. It was so awesome. Then we watched basketball until about 10:00 that night.

We left the bar after the last game and considered bar hopping but we were just too tired. I'm getting old. As we were leaving, this band started playing. I call them "the hippie band".

SXSW was a lot of fun. I learned there are a bunch of really bad bands and a few good ones.


TaraDharma said...

whew...i'm exhausted after reading this. where do you get the energy?!

lots of bad bands out there...go figure. this is why i stay at home and have a boring life.

seems like you had some fun times any ol' way!

Mav said...

As always a very interesting blog post! Loved the flattened pizza pic!
I keep promising myself that I'm going to go to SXSW and your photos make it even more tempting.
Take care!