Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Belize Day 4

Day 4 started very early. We walked out on the pier at 6 am. We were heading to an all day trip to the Blue Hole.

Here's a look at Caye Caulker from the boat.

Once outside the reef, the waves were huge! The boat was being tossed side to side as we went over 15 foot swells. Everyone's stomach started to roll and it wasn't long before there were people at the back trying to keep breakfast down. We had taken our Dramamine so we were safe.

Water on boat came in these little plastic bags. You tore off the corner and sucked it out.

Here is a picture as we are approaching the Blue Hole and the Lighthouse Reef. There are coral heads everywhere.

Here is a picture of the edge of the Blue Hole and the beginning of the Lighthouse Reef.

We all geared up and jumped in. I wasn't quite prepared for what I saw. There are no words great enough to describe the incredible untouched reef before my eyes. I was in awe. These pictures have not been retouched.

The reef was on the right and when you looked to your left, the floor dropped off in to the abyss.
As you can see, the reef is just below the water. Breathtaking.

Hundreds of blue tangs.

French Angel Fish.

Parrot fish.

Huge brain coral.

Trigger fish.

Banded butterfly fish.
Lee Ann getting some sun after the Lighthouse Reef. Since we were lowly snorkelers, we were banished to the top of the boat (which rocked!).

For the next snorkel stop, we were dropped off at this Caye and snorkeled off the beach. There were thousands of fish here and lots of big fish. They were very shy and fast so getting pictures was difficult.

Parrot fish.
A Four Eye Butterfly Fish snacking on coral.

Purple tipped anemone.



Gigantic barracuda. After I saw him, I calmly exited the water. He was around 5 feet long.

Once back on land, it was time for lunch. We figured it would be ham sandwich and chips. Oh no! We had curried chicken, pasta salad and rice. It was delicious.

We had one more stop before heading home. This place was called the Aquarium. When I jumped in and looked down, it was a long way down. I'm guessing we were in at least 30 feet of water so the visibility for picture taking was not that great. I got a couple of shots.

Black grouper.
Puffer fish.

It was then my arm started stinging and I came up to the surface. Several other people were complaining as well. Tiny jellyfish were everywhere. I swan as fast as I could to the boat. You can't really see all the red bites on my arm but they stung like a motherfucker. Mooey had a reaction to the venom and her bites blew up into huge blisters. It was bad.

The ride back took more than 2 hours and I was ready to be back on land. The rum punch made the ride a little better though.

We were starving when we got back.

Mai tai.


I ordered curried snapper. It was fab.

We went to bed early. The Blue Hole wears you out!

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Gorgeous shots of the reef. I'm so jealous!