Wednesday, July 08, 2009

4th of July

On the 2nd, Weenie and I took off for west Texas around 1:30. We arrived at the lake around 11:00 that night.

We were up early the next morning and got out on the boat. It wasn't long before I was hauling in giant perch.

Weenie was making fun of my outfit. I thought it was pretty sporty.

This is a shot at the campsite. If you look real close, you can see all the deer in the distance.

DP and Weenie's dad caught a bunch of big bass and so we fried the perch and bass for dinner. Delicious!

The next day we were at it again. DP scored a 4 and 5 pounder that morning. Look at those keepers!

This is a picture of my first try at crappie fishing. We didn't catch any.

It was so hot that we took refuge under a bridge for shade. It was quite pleasant there but we didn't catch many fish. I caught this nice perch though.

We went back to camp around 3:00 and I napped until around 5:00. It's just too hot to be outside. DP cooked steaks and then we got back out on the lake to fish until dark. Weenie caught this monster right away.

I caught about 6 more perch and then it was dark and time to go in.

We left the next morning around 10:00. It was a quick trip but next year, we'll stay longer!


TaraDharma said...

came here via Karen. Now, the only time I've caught perch and ate it, it was the boniest fish on the planet! Was I catching the wrong kind of perch? That bass looks pretty damn good....

hoo hoo said...

Perch is bony but these are huge. I can't put my hand around them. Weenie's dad removes the head and then just scales them. Once they are fried, you have to take a fork and gently pull the meat away from the bones. It takes a few to fill you up.