Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Atlanta Pride Day 3

We headed to the Piedmont Park area at 11:30. We needed to get there to get a parking space. 250,000 people were expected for the parade. We parked in a huge lot that we always park in. We then went to Jock& Jill's to eat and wait for the parade to start. We wanted to sit in the air conditioning as long as we could. We were all hungover.

B tried to order a beer but they didn't start serving alcohol until 12:30 in Atlanta. I was having no part of any alcohol.

We finished up eating and went outside to get a spot for the parade. It was 12:30.

The sky starting getting dark at 1:00 and the rain came at 1:30. And when I say rain, I mean it was a downpour. Luckily, D had gone to the car and gotten 2 umbrellas. My favorite part of the parade is the beginning when the Dykes on Bikes roar through. Unfortunately, it was still raining when they came through and I couldn't take any pictures.

At 2:30 it started raining again really hard so we retreated to the car. The parade was almost over anyway. Here are a few more pics of the parade.

We made it home around 6:00. It was a great trip!

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