Monday, July 24, 2006

Poplar Lounge

Friday afternoon I cut out of work at 3:45 and headed home. D (D's brother) was coming to scoop me up for a little fun. D was out of town. She went to Oklahoma to see some friends.

D picked me up around 4:30 and we headed to Celtic Crossing. It's an Irish Pub in the Cooper Young area. We got a table for six because more people were coming. Around 5:30, M and A showed up. They were going to pick up A's boyfriend at the airport at 7:30 so she planned to slam as many Crown and Diet Cokes as she could. M was drinking Stella. D and I were drinking the Bud Light as usual. I asked our waiter, Shaun O'Shaunessy (or whatever), to bring me a pink lemonade shooter. It was time to get the party started! I heard the door open and looked up and couldn't believe my eyes. B was here! I had written him on a whim and he actually showed up. He must've had a hard day!

Around 6:00, more folks started showing up. M & B were there and JR showed up as well. We had to add another table.

We were having predrinks before going to the Poplar Lounge to see our friend Special K. She was DJing again tonight. I had missed her debut the week before.

I think we left Celtic around 9:00. It's a little fuzzy. I think my tab was around $29. That means I must've had 8 or 9 beers. Wow!

D and I loaded up in the car and headed up to the Lounge. It was moderately crowded when we arrived. There was some stupid going away party or something. K and C (Shirley) were already there and had secured everyone a table. More people showed up and I guess there were around 10 of us. It got rowdier and rowdier. K was spinning 80's new wave and we were all singing. That's when the going away party arrived and made her switch it over to Nelly. Great. Thanks for the new wave we'd come to hear. A bought a giant pitcher of shooters. They actually sold pitchers of shooters. And they were blue. Blue!

I'm not sure how many of those I choked down. They tasted just like Hawaiian punch, but last time I checked, Hawaiian punch was red.

Here is a picture of Special K (left) and her g/f N.

At around midnight, we were done with the Lounge. I paid my $12 tab (what a joke - someone CANNOT add). D had left me. Something about being drunk? I was with Special K now.

I announced we were heading to the One More Bar & Grill (we call it Twelve More) and didn't wait for anyone's answer. We were the first ones to arrive and waited and waited for the others so show up. Slick and Sharpe finally showed but I guess everyone else flaked. We hung out on the patio for several more beers and then called it a night.

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GG said...

Thank D for going out of town! She promised me I wouldn't wind up in your blog! Obviously, I can no longer go out with you.

Let do something next week!