Monday, October 30, 2006

Cardinals Win!

Last Wednesday, Weenie and I met Jeff up at the Bayou to watch the Cardinals in the Series. The forecast was for rain but we would not be deterred.

Upon arrival, the game had not started. We ordered beers and waited for the others to arrive. Jeff got there around 6:15 and much to our delight, his wife was with him! She was dropping him off and getting a bite to eat. She was choosing shopping over baseball. Shameful! They sat down and ordered some shrimp and oysters.

7:00 arrived and we looked up at the TV and it was pouring in St. Louis. They also showed the radar and it looked like it would rain another hour or so and then it would clear up. More beers were ordered.

Eric and Eric showed up. Budweisers appeared. More rain. Everytime they showed the stadium, it was pouring.

We continued with the Bud Light and then Jeff decided he needed a Dewar's chaser.

As you can see, he was surprised how good that combo was!

8:30 came and went and the rain was still pouring. More beer. Finally, around 9:00, they called the game. More beers and Dewar's were consumed then we headed home.

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