Friday, April 27, 2007

Birthday Party!

My 38th (OMG!) birthday party was on the 14th. My BF Mooey had the party at her house. The party started at 8:00 but Weenie and I went over to at 6:30 to drink help set up. We expected people to start showing up around 9:30 but the doorbell rang at 8:01. It was T and Pickle! We found out later they thought the party started at 7:00.

Look at the Cookie Party t-shirt Mooey got me for my birthday! It's from the Sarah Silverman show. It's the fucking best ever.

Ben brought me this sweet balloon!

More guests arrived and the music started up. People were dancing around the island in the kitchen. We had 2 fires outside too since it was cold as fuck outside.

Dyna was enjoying the warmth of the fire with her sweater that is WAY too big.

Pics of some of the guests!


I was too busy talking to everyone to get many pictures. There were so many more people that I didn't catch. I'm ill about it.

Here's a pic a little before the neighbor came over and told us to "shut the fuck up".

And here's a pic Mooey took at 5:00 am.

I told her it was blurry and she told me she was taking a picture of my shadow and that was not out of focus. Ooookkkkaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

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