Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bayou, Beers and Karaoke

Last Friday, Mooey and I got off work early and headed up to the Bayou. DP was waiting on us. He had snagged a table on the patio. Weenie walked up from work about 45 minutes later. The beers were already flowing. This was going to be a small get together but the table kept getting bigger and bigger.

Here is a pic of our fearless waitress, Betsy, with Dyna.

She puts up with a lot from us and still manages to smile.

Me and Karn!
The table was too crowded so we paid up and headed to the One More.

As soon as we arrived, Weenie put her name up for karaoke. She wrote down her signature song, Thank You by Dido. Dyna grabbed my camera and got Weenie in action.

Then we all moved to the patio.

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