Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Weenie's Birthday!

Weenie really wanted to go to Bike Night at Alfred's on Beale but the weather prevented that. She decided Old Zinnie's would be her 2nd choice. DP, Weenie and I showed up around 5:15 and got the big table. People started showing up shortly after that. It got kinda rowdy right away.

Check out the sweet balloon Ben brought her.
We took pictures of the table before we all paid and headed to the One More.

Mooey's dreaded boot also made an appearance.
As we were pulling into the parking lot of the One More I noticed that the large deck had been taped off and there were a few tables in the parking lot. WTF? They had stained the motherfucker and we couldn't sit there. Super neat. So we all saddled up to the 3 lonely tables in the parking lot.

You can see that Renee was especially upset about the deck.

Patrice and Weenie!

Then it was time to kiss Daddy's buckle.

I asked Weenie's brother, DP, to take a picture of me and Nick. He's a great photographer.
He went on take these fantastic shots of Dyna before I could wrestle it away from him.

Here's a couple of shots with Dyna's face in them.

One by one everyone left and we moved inside. Here's the last of the party. Mai (the bartender) joined us for the pic and then she kicked us out.

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