Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Saturday Night

After having snorkel lessons for our upcoming trip, beers were consumed and a plan for Saturday night was hatched. We'd heard there was a new gay bar not far from Mooey's so we decided that was where we would go. But first, we needed some nourishment in the form of cheese dip and margarita's. Jed, Mooey, Weenie and I descended upon Los Compadres and scored a table on the patio.
I think it was around 8:30 when we got to the new bar. It was in a strip mall.
We entered and noticed it was empty and very, very big. We walked back to the pool table area and sat on the stools at the bar. The waiter came around and took our drink order and one of us mentioned something about it being a gay bar. The waiter quickly corrected us and told us it was not a gay bar. The two straight guys at the bar were very glad to hear those words. Oh well. We got quarters and played a couple games of pool. Bacon and Meredith joined us at this point.

We tired of this place quickly and set off to the One More. It was fucking packed. Jesus. Can't people find somewhere else to go?
Around 11:00, our group was waning and the other 4 decided to head home. It was then I received a text from Mel saying her and Carol were on the porch and we were told to come by. So, we said bye and headed over. Weenie ran to the store for a few beers and we ended the night on the porch.

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