Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Nashville and The Lady Vols

This past weekend a group of us headed to Nasville (Nashvegas) for a night of debauchery and to watch the Lady Vols play Vandy.

We arrived at the hotel around 5:00 and walked next door and bought beer. Some of the group were already there and we were waiting on two others. Might as well start drinking while we wait. The Marriott is nonsmoking but they have this great gazebo where we always hang out and smoke. We took our cooler (be more redneck) and walked down to the gazebo to wait on the others.

We knew the University of Memphis game was at 7:00. We found a bar in walking distance and made our way inside. A table left right in front of the TVs and we snagged it. Perfect! Buckets and shooters were ordered. Oh and some people ordered food.

Here Dyna and I are trying to do the letters U of M.

Group pic.
Then the game got serious. As you can see, we are losing! I had already admitted defeat when the Tigers came back to win. It was incredible!
After the game, we were going to Tribe. Only 1/2 the group made it though. The others pooped out.

It was packed when we got there but we snagged a table. We were all super buzzy by now!

Then dancing started.
We left around 2:00 and went back to the gazebo for a night cap.

The next morning came too soon and we were off to Noshville for breakfast. I ordered an omelet to whisk my hangover away. It was unbelievable.

We walked back to the hotel and caught the hotel's shuttle to the game. It was great. We would've never found a parking place.
As we were walking to the gymnasium, a sea of orange was everywhere. We sat down and the Lady Vols came out. Everyone went nuts.
Then they introduced the players. Candace Parker!
Tip off!

The game was close until right after halftime then the Lady Vols blew them away. We won by at least 15! Go Lady Vols!


thewishfulwriter said...

I SO loved living in knoxville and attending lady vol games.


i was at the game when they dedicated the court floor to Pat. that was a cool moment.

hoo hoo said...

Oh man, that would've been cool to be there to see that. That's only my second time to see the LV's in person. I think we are going to make the Vandy game an annual thing.

damonm55 said...

Sounds like a great time! Why didn't you call me? (we never talk anymore) ;)

Snitterdog said...

he he he....BOOZE!!! Looks like a good time :)

AskALesbian said...


Would you have time to do the message in a bottle meme? I'd like to tag you, if that's ok.

You know, if you have time and feel like it.

Stop by and see the rules if you want.

best regards!

ps my buddy from work has a nephew who is in charge of something at Pitt. Schmoozing, yeah, that's right, he's in charge of schmoozing. Anyway Bonnie takes us down to PItt football and women's b-ball. best seats, ever!

Anonymous said...

Bummer about the Tigers tonight. I have always wanted to see the Lady Vols play. Very cool.