Thursday, April 03, 2008

Louisiana Wedding Day 2

Friday morning, we headed to Henry's house for a quick wedding rehearsal. Their house and the surrounding land is breathtaking.

Weenie made a quick friend.

We all fell in love with Isabelle the little black dog.

After rehearsal, we got in the car for the 30 minute ride to the swamp tour.

We waited around inside for them to tell us where to go. I took a picture of this giant alligator inside.We toured the swamp in this boat.

This bridge is the 2nd longest in the USA. You can barely see a speck of light at the end.
After riding very slowly through the swamp, we finally saw an alligator. His name is Bruce.
After the tour, they served us lunch. All three of us chose the shrimp etouffee because, you know, it's Louisiana. Well, it sucked. We think it was from a can or something.
They had french fries shaped like alligators.
We ate and made our exit. Weenie wanted to hit the Harley Davidson store and get a shirt. We found it easily and all purchased shirts.

After shopping and the swamp tour, it was time for bloody marys. We walked next door and ordered some appetizers and drinks.

We ordered the Cajun Trio which consisted of sausage and chicken gumbo, seafood gumbo and shrimp and okra gumbo. The sausage and chicken was by far the best.
We also ordered crab fingers. Yum!

The best thing we had were the drinks. They were awesome!

As we were leaving, this alligator tried to eat my head. It was too hard.
We went home to change and get ready for the rehearsal dinner. Crawfish boil!
Self portrait of eating a tail!
Mooey had to show the northerners how to eat crawfish.

The groom's family entertained the masses with songs they made up about the couple. They were hysterical.
As tipoff of the University of Memphis game loomed, we became antsy and finally convinced Mooey to leave (also the keg was empty) and go find a place to watch the game. We knew of only 2 bars in Sunset and settled on Eddie B's. There was a $5 cover charge to get in but all bottled beer was $1. Is this for real?

We sat right in front of the big screen TV and cheered our Tigers to victory. We had the best seats in the house because no one but us cared about the game.

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