Monday, April 21, 2008

Louisiana Wedding Day 3

We awoke the next morning a little groggy after the crawfish boil and the realization that we would be drinking yet again today. Weenie fixed my quiche for me that Margaret had left in the fridge. It was delicious. She had also made banana nut bread! My favorite.

We got dressed and had seen a thrift store we needed to go to. I think Mooey bought an old culinary book but there wasn't much in there that caught our eye.

We all wanted a cheeseburger and had heard that the best place to get a burger was at the truck stop. So, we headed over to the truck stop and went in. Doesn't it looks nice from the outside?

Mooey opted for an oyster poboy which looked great.

Here is my GIGANTIC cheeseburger. It took my hangover away!

We were running late as usual and had to get ready quickly.

Then it was off to Arnaudville where the wedding was being held.

The entrance to their house was decorated.

Joe, the groom's brother presided over the ceremony along with a Catholic priest.

The groom and the best man.

Mooey, a groomsman, escorting the maid of honor.

The bride!
The vows.
The kiss!

Making their exit!

Once the ceremony was over, the groom took the stage with his group Washboard Jungle.

The first dance!

In Louisiana, they have a tradition where everyone pins money to the veil of the bride.
Mooey and her brother.
Once it got dark outside, the band started. The River City Ramblers were so good and everyone danced and danced.
Weenie with the groom's father.
Weenie with the groom.Weenie and Mooey.After the band quit, everyone pulled out their instruments for a jam session. We were busy drinking. The bar never ran out of booze.

Here I am with the former Miss Sunset and Yam Queen.

Weenie with our favorite relative!
We finally left around 12:30 (it started at 3:30) with four Corona's in my cargo shorts.


Dyketastic said...

You know, people do not wear top hats enough anymore.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fabulous time! :o)