Monday, June 16, 2008

Bike Night with Chicken and Waffles

Wednesday night is Bike Night on Beale Street. We met up with Susan, Jeff, Susan and Ronny for dinner at Miss Polly's. Weenie was about to pee with all the bikes and kind of wished she would've ridden her Harley down there.

The restaurant wasn't far from where we parked.

Ronny and Susan were already there and had ordered fried pickles. They were yummy.

Check out the menu.

Most of us ordered chicken and waffles. As you can see, Susan couldn't wait to dig into her waffle.

Here is my dinner with a side of mac and cheese. No green veggies for me!

Jeff decided Aretha needed some sunglasses on so he made them out of Equal packs and knives. Kinda creepy.

Afterwards, we all went to the Blue Monkey downtown. I ordered Stoli Raspberry lemon drops as soon as we sat down. As you can see from the picture, they were wrong. We drank them and they tasted like peach crap.

I complained to Alison, the other bartender, and she made it right.

After that, we went over to Ronny and Susan's for a nightcap.

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austin said...

We have the "Ugly Monkey" here instead of the "Blue Monkey." LOL I dare not take photos though.

smiles to you and yours,