Monday, June 02, 2008

Butch or Femme?

Saturday, Mooey and I ventured out to the Blue Monkey to get our buzz on and play the crack machine. Weenie was out of town visiting some good friends in Eureka Springs so I was a bachelor for the weekend. Here we are getting the party started with some Patron.

Then we played about 20 games of trivia. You can see our high score of 56 million. Mooey and I have a plethora of useless music trivia in our brains.

After exhausting the crack machine, we headed over to Dyna's house to assemble our outfits. We were attending a crossdressing party later that night. Check out sarah!

We had to shoot some Jager.

Dyna came out to show off her outfit. Lordy.

Then I went in and had Sarah help me glue on my mustache. I put on the bandana to complete the look. I have to admit, this was fun!

Bacon and Meredith. Isn't Bacon's bow cute?

Me and Elvis (Mooey).

Dyna and Sarah.

Our hosts, Kate and Carol.

Charlie Chaplin!

Carol and Kate had a catwalk set up and Kate was snapping photos.

Kate taking pictures of the chaos.
Then we began doing other poses.

We finally retired to the deck for more beers.
I can't wait for them to have another crossdressing party in the winter so I can make my cop fantasy come true!


Becky C. said...

Please pass on my complimentary nasty thoughts to Dyna:)


Anonymous said...

What a great idea! Looks like a great time :o)

Fiesty Charlie said...

I freaking LOVE parties like this!!

I think I have a "man crush" on you!!