Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Friday was Bacon's birthday. Weenie and I got off work early so we headed over to the party headquarters around 5:15. Bacon and Meredith live right around the corner. The party headquarters is named Xanadu. Bacon is in total love with Abba.

Dyna and Lola scored this movie poster on Ebay. Bacon totally freaked. Look at her grin!
Dyna and Lola.Meredith "borrowed" this picture from Bacon's mom. It's the fucking best ever.

After everyone was good and buzzy it was time for a tap performance by Meredith to the tune of Ruby by Kenny Rogers. That's right, I said Kenny Rogers. Meredith kicked some tap ass!

Then it was on. Dance party!

Dyna and Eric.Me and Sunny!
Cabbage Patch.
Air guitar to Journey. That's right, I said Journey.

Then Bacon took the stage singing her heart out with Steve Perry. Meredith joined in. It was about 3:00 am.

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