Monday, August 25, 2008


Friday afternoon, I headed to my hometown of Milan, Tennessee. I tried to crop this photo so you could see the exits better but it's not working so screw it.

Here is where I grew up after the age of 14. My mom still lives here.

I went straight to the country club for beers with my dad. Immediately he had to show me what June had bought him for his 60th birthday. Check out the stereo and the mounted speakers in his golf cart! That's right. I'm speechless too.

Here is the inside of the club and a picture of June. My dad took this one while playing with my camera.

Later, I went with the bartender and a few others around midnight to the VFW. I know you think I'm making this up, but no, in fact I did go to the VFW. It was karaoke. How wonderful. I got to hear Lade Marmalade very loud. I sat next to this girl that was drinking Dr. Pepper and not saying a word. Below is a picture of her LEATHER FANNY PACK OF THE AMERICAN FLAG. No words can express the excitement of seeing this aftifact. I'm sending this photo on to the Smithsonian. I left around 2:00.

On Sunday, mother and I went sightseeing downtown. Below is the movie theater. If you'll notice it's $4.00 for admission but they do not take creDID cards or debit cards so don't try it!

I had my first date here with a boy! His name was David and I think it was a Muppet movie.

Afterwards, we went by to see my grandmother (Meemaw). She would absolutely shit if she knew I was posting this because she does not have on makeup! She just had her 80th birthday last week!

Here is me and mother before I headed home. I had been napping that's why my hair looks stupid.


Anonymous said...

80! Damn, Meemaw looks great. You got some good genes, for sure!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I don't know if you've ever heard of 3waytv ( or not but they are pretty funny. Looks like they are going to be in Memphis for the Outflix film festival. It's front page news on their web site. I'll bet it would be a hoot. Just an FYI.

hoo hoo said...

I watched an episode on your page. They are hilarious.