Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Friday night started out at Mooey's house to sample some of her wine she procured in Napa. I was in the mood for white and the only thing she had was Cakebread. Really, really awesome. We sat outside and drank wine. Our dinner reservations were not until 8:30 with Mel and Karn. We were all starving by the time we left Mooey's at 8:00.

I walked into Mel and Karn's house knowing they weren't ready. I was starving. I turned the corner and there were about 40 of my friends hiding. As you can see, I almost fainted. They got me so good. I'm turning the dreaded 40 this coming weekend but I'll be in Belize. Don't hate. So they thought they would throw me a surprise party. All the pictures are courtesy Weenie and Susan! Thanks ya'll!

Weenie and her bro DP.

Dancing. What is Renee staring at?


Shooter bar. I cannot begin to count the number of shooters I had that night.

Mel and Karn had the affair catered. The food was out of this world!

Is that Maker's Mark in your cleavage?

Then my little boyfriends showed up!
More shooters!

Needless to say, this was very late.

Thanks to all my friends for attending! You made it very memorable! I'm still old though.

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Mav said...

You are not old! Belize??? Enjoy!
(and Belated Birthday Wishes)