Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Blues City Cafe

Last week, Weenie and I stayed at a friend's house downtown for one night to look after their pets. We decided to hit Beale Street. Being locals, we rarely go because of all the tourists. I was craving ribs and Blues City Cafe has some of the city's best. When you read about Memphis BBQ or see shows on TV, all they talk about is the Rendezvous or Corky's. In my opinion, they both suck. Hard. This place and Interstate BBQ are so much better than those tourist traps.

Beer goes great with ribs.

Weenie and I both ordered the BBQ shrimp as an appetizier. True to form, I burned my wrist right away on the very hot skillet. Texas toast is served with everything.

Main course, half a slab of ribs. I wanted to save room for more beers.

It was a nice night out so we went for a stroll down Beale. We ended up at The Tap Room. It's pretty much a dive which is why we chose it. We immediately made friends with the bartender and he made us a shooter. It was huge!

After buying too many $4.25 Bud Light's, we paid our tab and headed over the the downtown Blue Monkey where we get happy hour prices all the time. It's much easier on the wallet. Lee Ann was there and she knew my birthday was approaching so she made me do a blow job shooter. This one requires no hands.

I'm neat.

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