Monday, August 21, 2006

Kate's Birthday Party 8/8

I received a message on Monday that there was going to be a gathering at One More (12 More) to celebrate Kate's birthday. She said they were going to dinner and would arrive around 8:00. Weenie and I decided we were going to have prebirthday party drinks at Celtic Crossing. Upon arriving at CC, there was only one table left. We sat down and ordered beers. They came and we decided to slam the beers and leave. They were having an Irish wake that night and it was much too crowded. Plus, we didn't know the dead guy.

I had called Mooey and Hoops to see what they were doing. They had a cocktail party to attend before the birthday party. It started around 7:30. They were going to meet us but changed their mind. That is, until we decided to walk down to the Young Avenue Deli. In midstride, my phone rang and it was Mooey. They wanted to join us afterall. When I told her we were going to the deli, silence greeted me. She then asked if we would reconsider and go to the Bayou. I yelled at Weenie, she was several steps in front of me. Ok, we'll meet you there.

We were at the Bayou within minutes and beers were brought to us without ordering them. Mooey and Hoops arrived and more beers appeared.

I think they had 2 or 3 before leaving for the cocktail party. It was around 7:45 when my phone rang again. It was Anita and Ben. They were at Molly's having margaritas. I told them where we were and to come on! They arrived shortly after the phone call and we commenced to more drinking.

Around 8:30, Weenie and I decided it was time to head to 12 More.

When we arrived, Kate, Shirley, Kat, Sam and Mel were there. Here is a picture of Kate (in the middle) with Shirley (on the right) and Weenie (on the left).

We danced and drank and danced some more. Here are more pictures!

Mai, the bartender, kicked us out at 3:00. Wednesday was not a fun day at work!

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