Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Madison Avenue

Saturday, the day started out leisurely at Mooey's pool. We laid around on rafts until around 4:30. We headed home to get ready for the night's activities.

The plan was barhop down Madison and end up at the Jungle for darts. We met Mooey and Hoops at the Bayou at 6:00. It was packed! They got there just in time and snagged the last table. Weenie and I ordered beers and shooters. Mooey and Hoops were almost done with their beers. They ordered another one and we got the check. Onward!

The next stop was the Lamplighter. It's a total dive. It was pretty crowded too. There are 3 booths, 1 table, and about 6 seats at the bar. There were only 2 booths open and a couple of chairs at the bar. We chose the booth with the gigantic ashtray in the middle of the table. It was so big it took up half the table. I ordered 3 Bud Light's and 1 PBR for Hoops. She said she was obligated to have PBR when at the Lamplighter.

We laughed quitely at the table. The staring finally stopped and we enjoyed our beers. We ordered one more round before the smoke drove us out.

Next stop was Old Zinnie's. It's almost next door. It wasn't very crowded so we had our pick of the tables. We ordered a round of beers and discussed our next stop. Everyone was pretty buzzy and we decided we would have to skip the next two on the list and head straight for the Jungle for darts. We wanted to be able to actually play for a little while.

We had two beers at Old Zinnie's and then paid up and left. Weenie ran by the house and let the dogs out. She figured we'd be out for a while so she decided to go by and do that.

The Jungle was dead. I was so glad. Sometimes if it's crowded, it makes playing darts a little difficult. We got quarters and beers. We laid out the darts and started playing. Weenie loaded up the jukebox with money. I'm sure the men in the bar loved when Wolfmother screamed about a Woman. I looked at Weenie and she said it was the only song like that she played. I'm sure the patrons were eyerolling because Whitney Houston is usually playing.

We played 4 games of darts before it was time for Mooey and Hoops to head to Krystal/Taco Bell/Mcdonald's or wherever their buzz took them. I stayed behind because our old friend Patrice came in and I haven't seen him in about a month. Weenie took them to their car and came back to to visit with Patrice.

We caught up with him and had more beers. We were housesitting at the time so when the time approached 2:00, we knew we needed to head home to let the dogs out. We said our goodbyes and headed home.

Once home, we decided we hadn't had quite enough so we went up to Printer's Alley for a few more after hour beers. It wasn't very crowded so we scored two seats at the bar. Scottie, from old Amnesia is the chef at the restaurant, came over and sat with us and we laughed and laughed with him. We didn't stay too long and headed home to get some sleep!

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