Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Lake Ouachita

This past weekend, Weenie, Hoops, Mooey and I headed to Lake Ouachita and our usual stomping grounds at Crystal Springs. We left Friday morning around 8:45. We had the pontoon boat reserved from 2:00 to 6:00 and it was at least a 3 hour drive.

The drive was uneventful and we arrived around 12:30. We unloaded the car and while Hoops and Weenie made lunch, Mooey and I headed up to the beer store.

The beer store was tiny and we each grabbed two 30 packs of Bud Light. We hoped that would be enough. The Budweiser man came in and the guy behind the counter said "I'm glad you're here. These girls just bought all the Bud Light."

We headed back to the cabin and ate our sandwiches. We all donned our boat togs and asked Weenie to go to the Marina and ask if we could get on the boat an hour early. She can be real persuasive. She came back and said they had given us the go ahead to get on the boat. We loaded up both coolers filled to the gills with beer and headed to the marina.

We went inside to pay for the boat and Mooey saw this adorable bucket hat on sale for $3.95. She told the teenager behind the counter to add it to her half of the boat. Upon reviewing her receipt, she couldn't figure out why her total was so much. So, Mooey asked the teenager what was going on. He said the hat was $14.95. Mooey said she didn't want it anymore and made the boy refund her money. He was visably irritated and we all laughed. Then he gave us a broken ladder. Thanks.

We left the marina around 1:30 and it was beautiful.

The beers were flowing and we proceeded to get extremely buzzy on the boat. Here are Weenie and I doing shooters.

We headed back to the Marina at 6:00 and unloaded. We were to cook that night so we immediately started the grill when we got back. Hoops took a tiny nap upon arrival while I made lime and cranberry drinks for everyone else.

We ate dinner and then proceeded to continue to drink until around 2:00 am. Thanks. Here's one of the great shots of that night.

The next morning came too quick. We managed to get on the boat by 10:00 though. By 11:30, we were having lunch and cracking open beers. It was extremely hot and we had to jump into the lake often. Check out Weenie and Mooey.

Here's a couple more shots.

We didn't get off the boat until 5:30 and we were all crispy. My forehead was so flourescent, Mooey called me Radish Head. We continued to drink and Mooey make BBQ chicken.

Unfortunately, the sunburn sort of did us all in and we were in bed by 11:00. We had leftover beer! It was a miracle.

In the morning, Weenie made her famous sausage gravy and we loaded up and headed back to Memphis. I still miss the boat.

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