Tuesday, September 12, 2006

End O' the Season Pool Party

Saturday was the last pool party of the season. Boo hoo. Weenie and I (mostly Weenie) cooked drunk chicken. They were fab. Of course, we had shooters, beers and margaritas.

After sunbathing, we cleaned up a bit and headed to the Bayou. Shocked I know. Originally, it was just going to be DP (Weenie's bro), Weenie, Dyna and me. We wanted to watch the Ohio State/Texas game. It ended up being all of us plus Mooey, Hoops, Slick, Russell, Mel, and Karn. We gave Betsy (our server) a run for her money.

After Texas got their ass beat, we decided to head to the One More (12 More). DP went home and it was just Weenie and I for a while. The others went to a party.

We sat outside on the patio. Finally, Mel showed up and then Dyna. Russell and Slick were not far behind. We ordered buckets and put money in the jukebox. There was some dancing going on.

And picture taking...

Then Kate and Shirley showed up...

More picture taking...

Time to head home. It's almost 3:00!

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