Wednesday, September 06, 2006

R.P. Billiards

Last Saturday night, we headed up to R.P. Billiards. We were meeting Mooey and Hoops for a night of darts. Weenie and I were still hungover from the night before when we were forced to go to Tunica for my dad's birthday. Plus we had gambler's remorse. Anyway, we ordered beers and a pizza.

Mooey and Hoops arrived just before our pizza and they also ordered beers and pizza. Our pizza was outstanding. Here is Mooey and Weenie across the booth.

We gobbled up the pizza in minutes. Weenie and I then ordered a Mind Eraser because I was still feeling bad. Notice our cheeks!

The shooter was very tasty and managed to almost erase my hangover. Unfortunately, it took 2 more Sweet Tart shooters to actually get rid of it completely!

Some of our friends showed up as we were finished our dinner. Here is a picture of them. Mooey, Pickle, Tree, Nick and R from left to right.

They had another party to attend so they only stayed for a few minutes. Shockingly, Nick showed us her ass before leaving.

After everyone left, we moved over to the dart board. We played 3 or 4 games and then some other friends showed up and we went next door to the Vault. We hung out with them until they left and then we went back to the other side and played pool. Kat showed up around 11:00 and hung out with us until we left around 2:15.

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