Monday, September 11, 2006

She Wants Revenge

Last Thursday, Weenie and I went to the Bayou for preconcert drinks. Pat, Mooey, Pickle and Mel joined us. The show wasn't until 8:30 so we had some time to kill. Karn had a work function and was joining us later.

Many beers later and a couple of shooters, we followed Mel home to pick up Karn and head to The Complex. It was around 9:30. We were going to see She Wants Revenge.

The show was amazing as was the venue. We hadn't been there before but the sound system is second to none and it was very clean and not smoky.

Afterwards, we headed to One More (12 More). It was around midnight. We hung out and got a bucket of beer. I think we left around 2:30.

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