Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Ho! Ho! Ho's! Show!

Weenie, DP (Weenie's bro) and I decided to go to the 2nd* (I think) annual Ho! Ho! Ho's! Show.

*Update: Weenie just screamed at me and said "Weren't you listening! They said at the beginning it was the 4th show!" To which I retorted "I do not remember because I was drinking."

We were so excited because last year's show was just great. These amazing and talented women just blow me away with their voices. And together, chills! The harmonies are just beautiful. And for $5? Give me a break. They should be charging $20!

Here we are with Susan. She's such a sweetie. She's finally home from being on tour with Cat Power.

The show finally started and Susan was first. She started playing and I thought I was hearing Joni Mitchell's The River. The last time I had requested it, she said she hadn't practiced it and she would play it another time. Looks like tonight was my lucky night! It was so beautiful. I took a short video for your viewing pleasure. I hate you all missed it!

Alvin Youngblood Hart was in attendance and was nice enough to pose for a few pics.

Here are a few more pics from the night. I know ya'll have all been waiting on a pic of Weenie's brother (DP). So without further ado, here it is.

Susan's sweet husband with Weenie.

DP made us go to the Monkey after the show and they ran us out at 3:00. I don't think I could've had one more beer.

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