Thursday, December 28, 2006

Cowboy Christmas Day 1

Yeehaw ya'll! Mooey and I just got back from San Antonio/Austin! We had an incredible time!

We left on Thursday, the 21st, and flew into San Antonio. Took the shuttle to Hertz and picked up our chariot.

Introducing the 2007 Chevy Aveo. What a piece of shit.

Anyway, we headed to the hotel. We checked in, freshened up and headed to eat. We got in the car and went to Market Square. We were planning on eating here. They were doing construction on the square so the shopping was limited. Mooey bought a couple of things and then it was time to eat and drink!

After filling up on tacos and enchiladas, we headed to the River Walk. But not before checking out The Alamo. We were staying right across the street.

The River Walk is a tourist's paradise. There are bars everywhere. We made our first stop at Mad Dog's British Pub. It was a nice night so we sat outside. Our waitress appeared and she was very high energy and chatty. Mooey noticed her name right away but I missed it. When she brought my shooter, I got a chance to see it as well.

Her name was Honey. Mooey then asked her if that was her real name and she said "Well actually it's Honey Ann". Isn't that sweet?

We slammed several beers.

We paid our tab and headed to the next bar. We walked down the river and they had all the Christmas lights on the trees.

Next stop was Waxy O'Connor's Irish Pub. I ordered a black and tan and Mooey got a Stella. We didn't want to be posers and order Bud Lights.

After 2 of those, it was time to head over to the gay bar. It was a block from our hotel!

We went to the quiet bar first. The building was awesome on the inside.

Then over to the video bar.

By this time, we were really buzzy.

It was time for the show finally. The queens came out and performed Christmas songs. The makeup was excessive and the hair was big. Isn't everything big in Texas?

We watched 3 acts and then it was time to go. I didn't think I could have another beer. We stopped at the door and asked about where we could eat. They said the only place within walking distance was this place. So, off we went.

We ate an All-American Slam and then went to the hotel and passed out.

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