Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Cowboy Christmas Day 3

We woke up and headed to Jo's for coffee. It was right next to the hotel. We brought back the $4 coffees and showered. Today we were shopping.

Congress has tons of neat little shops. We had seen a boot store that we had to go to. We both wanted cowboy boots. But first we went into this jewelry store.

They had tons of turquoise jewelry. We must've tried on every ring in the store. I walked out with this one.

It was raining so we headed to the boot store to kill some time. We both bought boots. Oh well! Mooey's are on the right.

After pretty much spending all my money on the boots, plus the rain, we decided it was time to go have margaritas. Guero's was within walking distance of the hotel so we found seats at the bar and ordered drinks. The first margarita we had was called The Purest. It had Patron Silver, Cointreau and fresh squeezed lime juice. The only problem is that the juice is barely there. They shake them up forever and then pour them in a small glass.

After we downed that drink, we ordered the El Magnifico. It contained Herradura AƱejo, Cointreau, and fresh squeezed lime juice. Then onto The Don that had Don Julio, Cointreau and fresh squeezed lime juice. They did give us some salsa and we ordered queso. It was good. Our bartender, Chrissy, was the highlight however. She was such a delight. We finally got her to pose for a picture. Have you ever seen such great earrings?

She was so disappointed when we left. Mooey had made friends with a guy at the bar and he told us in order to really have a Texas experience we had to go to the Broken Spoke. He told us that Asleep at the Wheel were playing and it was not to be missed. So, we left Chrissy and headed back to the hotel to don our cowboy boots.

It was only around 7:00 and we were really buzzy. We got to the Broken Spoke and it wasn't crowded. We entered and there was a line already. The cover was $20. Mooey had left her wallet at the hotel but happened to have some cash in her pocket. We got in and got a table right in front. What luck. What sucked was it was so early and the band would not be playing for a couple of hours. Also, no smoking. Oh, and it was pouring rain.

So, to pass the time, we ordered the world famous chicken fried steak. It took about 20 minutes to arrive but it was worth waiting for. In Texas, the meat is actual sirloin steak, not like here with the gristle in the minute steak. It's so tender you can cut it with a fork.

After going out the back door and smoking in the rain, the opening act finally started. I've been racking my brain to remember the band that opened but it has left me. They were really, really good. The lead singer was a cutey. Anyway, Asleep at the Wheel finally took the stage and the dance floor was flooded. People were two-stepping so fast it was an amazing sight to see.

Here is a picture taken of us by the people that decided they could sit at our table.

We left around midnight. Asleep at the Wheel were fantastic. No more beers for me. We went to the hotel only to discover we were hungry again. So, we got back in the car and went here. Luckily it was 3 blocks from the hotel. We'd heard people rave about this place as a late night eatery.

There was a tiny wait but we were seated at the bar pretty quickly. I asked the waitress if I should get an omelet or a sandwich. She convinced me to get eggs. Mooey ordered pancakes. They were giant!

My omelet, also giant.

We paid the bill and then fell face first into the bed!

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