Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Cowboy Christmas Day 4

Morning came too quickly. All these days in a row of drinking were taking their toll on me. We headed to Jo's again for a quick pick-me-up and then showered. Today we were going to Threadgill's for the Gospel brunch. I was excited about some home cookin'!

We were seated immediately and told to help ourselves to the buffet. I did not want the breakfast buffet and the really cute waitress told us if we waited 10 minutes, they would be serving off the menu. Today's special was turkey and dressing! I was going to have my Christmas dinner after all! Check this out!

Almost as soon as the food came out, the music started. The Gospel Silvertones were performing. We were immediately filled with the spirit and started clapping.

Here is a shot of me enjoying lunch and the music.

The Gospel Silvertones were so good. I cannot tell you how much we did not want to leave.

After lunch, it was still raining. We decided to go see Lake Travis. Several of our friends have been to Austin and told us about the lake. We drove and drove. It was further than we thought. We finally found The Oasis.

Upon arriving, we found out there had been a devastating fire and the only thing opened was the top floor. It was like a big banquet room at a hotel and sort of stupid. We ordered a margarita. Might as well not pass up an opportunity for another tequila drink.

We finished our drinks and headed back into town. It was about time to head for the event we'd been looking forward to all week. Chicken Shit Sunday. Here is where you are going to call me a liar. You are going to think I made this all up. But I have pictures. This all goes down at Ginny's Little Longhorn Saloon.

As you can see, it's tiny. When you walk in, there's a pool table. On top, is a big piece of flat wood and a chicken coop on top.

On the flat piece of wood, there are squares with numbers in them. We looked around and it was pretty dead. Mooey looked at me and said "I think this is going to be a bust." We ordered beers. Mooey got a Lone Star and I got a Bud Light. The whole tab was $3.75. Things were looking up.

We grabbed two seat at the bar very close to the coop. Within 30 minutes, the bar was packed. We became chummy with the bartender. We got her to explain how to play. That's Ginny on the right.

Everyone lines up and gets a number for $2. There are 57 numbers. I was starting to worry there were more than 57 people in the bar so when they announced to line up, Mooey and I were among the first ones in line.

Billy Dee was playing that day. They were really good. His guitar player was Pete Mitchell that played with Ernest Tubb for 25 years. He was incredible.

We'd had about 5 or 6 beers when they brought the chicken out. See, they put the chicken in the coop and whichever square she shits on, that's who wins.

The chicken shit on number 14! I had 13. Bastard. As you can see, the chicken is gigantic. Her name is Red and when we arrived she was in someone's car taking a nap.

We were pretty buzzy by now and decided we needed to go before another round started. We called several Mexican restaurants but they were all closed. It was Sunday and Christmas Eve. I finally saw an ad for an Indonesian place. They were open!

We let our primo seats go and headed to eat.

We were starving. We both ordered beers and appetizers. I got ribs and Mooey got some kind of shrimp rolls (balls).

The ribs were delicious! Then I ordered Ayam Goreng Balado which is deep fried boneless chicken in a spicy red sauce and yellow onion. I didn't notice it was fried. I would've rather had it without the batter but it was still really good.

Mooey ordered Ikan Goreng Bumbu Kare which is fried fish fillet in coconut red curry sauce. She loved it.

It was 8:30 and I couldn't finish my beer. I was partied out. All we wanted to do was go back and lay down and watch TV. We had a big night out planned but neither one of us could muster the energy. We were losers!

The next morning was Christmas Day. We headed to the airport. I was looking forward to seeing Weenie! Our flights were great but we didn't know where we parked the GD car at the Little Rock Airport. The wind was blowing about 40 miles an hour and it was in the 30's. I finally walked to the toll booth. She felt so bad for us, she called the shuttle to come get us. The driver basically said we were morons and then found our car in about 3 minutes. Oh well, sometimes you are excited about your trip and forget to look where you parked. Sue me.

Another fabulous Christmas trip was over. Austin is a fun city! It nearly beat me.

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