Tuesday, June 12, 2007

3 Day Weekend in Milan

Weenie and I headed to Milan for a weekend of golfing and fishing. We arrived at the country club around 6:00 and saddled up to the bar for beers. My dad finished golfing around 7:00 and came and got us and we went out on the course and found June and her friends that were playing on #6. I decided to hit a few since it was last year the last time I played. We played until it was too dark to see and then went back in the bar for more beers. I think we left at 10:00 and drove out to Christmasville to their house. It's way out in the country. I've never seen so many stars in my life!

Up early the next morning (7:00!) and out to the course for the ladies' 2 person scramble. June and I were on a team. We headed out to the tee box on #6 at 8:30. I was very nervous. I always get really nervous before we tee off.

We had some good holes (birdie) and some bad holes (bogey) but after our 7th hole, the bottom fell out and it started to pour. We sat under a shed for about 30 minutes. My dad and Weenie were in another cart watching us. It finally let up for a minute and we headed back to the bar. We looked at the radar and figured the tournament was over. It would be hours before the rain quit. Lunch was served and prizes given out. June and I won second place in our flight! $100! Awesome!

We headed home for a nap and some BBQ from Grandpa's. Around 4:30, my dad called and said they were having the couple's scramble that afternoon. We all got ready and went back to the club. We filled up the cooler and went out on the course. We shot 7 under and won!

We only had one more beer and then went home. Dad was cooking ribeyes. They turned out to be the biggest ribeyes I've ever seen. They were delicious! We didn't eat until around 9:00 so it was lights out after dinner.

We got up around 9:00 the next day. Fishing was on the agenda. We messed around and had breakfast and all showered. It was about 1:00 before we left for Hampton's pond.

We all gathered on the dock and wormed up. It wasn't long before we got started hauling them in.

Weenie's lunker.

Me and Dad caught a couple of bass.

We all caught a bunch of nice sized brim and bass. It was a productive day. I bet we caught more than 30 fish. Around 6:00 we packed it in and headed home. We were having Alaskan King Crablegs for dinner!

I went to bed around midnight and we got up around 9:00. Ate breakfast real quick and headed back out to the pond. We kept our worms from the day before. My first cast landed me this...

Then Weenie pulled this giant brim in!

We had to cut our fishing short because we had to get back to Memphis. We went out to the club for a burger and to say bye to everyone. It was a really relaxing 3 days!

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