Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Memorial Day Pool Party

The 26th was the official opening of Mooey's pool. We celebrated the occasion with a party. I think this might be the 3rd annual rib party or it might be the 4th. Anyway, Weenie was making her unbelievable ribs plus drunk chicken!

We arrived around 11:00 to start prepping the ribs. I lit the fire and Weenie began with the rub. The chicken was to go on later because it takes less time to cook.

People finally started arriving around 1:30. It was a trickle at first and then all of the sudden it was packed.

The diving board got some action.

It was time to take the ribs off. The chicken wasn't ready. Torrence was taking her scrummy shrimp out of the oven at the same time.

After everyone ate every rib we cooked, it was time to tear into the drunk chicken. It was falling apart it was so juicy. Then it was time to get serious about drinking some beer!

Tiddies! I just love these shoes. Weenie wears them all the time!

We emptied this 3 times.

Mooey kicked us out around 11:30 and we headed to the One More. Only a few of us made the trip though.

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jacket said...

It looks you all had a great time. It also looks like you live on the set of the L Word, only in a parallel universe where people have regular jobs but swimming pools are still a central feature.