Thursday, June 28, 2007

Lake Ouachita Day 2

We were up early again. Breakfast and out to the marina. As soon as we got into the car, the bottom let out and it started pouring rain. Gloom set in. We drove to the marina anyway and Weenie got out with her bloody mary and headed down to talk to the guys. She came sauntering back and said the rain wasn't even on the radar. We all got out and walked down to get on the boat.

Weenie and I started the day off by shotgunning a beer.

Around 1:00 Dyna and Andy showed up. Weenie and I are leaving for Texas this Friday and we are missing Andy's shower. So, we decided to ask Andy and Dyna up for the day to get to see her since we are leaving for 10 days.

Andy brought Sangria and shooters. We loaded all their stuff on board and headed back out. It would rain and Weenie would take us to another part of the lake where it was sunny. She's good like that.

Dance party!After dancing, it was time to cool off.

Then we did shooters and everything changed.

It was time to start snapping pictures at a rapid rate.

Then Becks drove us to Lezzie Island.
Dyna jumped off and found a rock to rest on.

The rest of us got in to cool off.

I think we were singing some dumb Journey song here.

Diving in!

We got off the boat around 7:00 and Mooey cooked some brats on the grill. They were super yummy. Weenie, Dyna and I stayed up a little too late and felt like doo doo the next day. Oh well, I could nap when I got home!

Until next year...

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