Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Day 2

To say I was hungover when I woke up would be an understatement. Karn woke Mel and I up with cheeseburgers from Whataburger. I think it saved my life. Weenie had been up since 9:00 (she went to bed before me) and was on the beach. After Mel and I ate our burgers, we both fell back into bed and back to sleep. Weenie came up to the room at 1:00 and I drug myself out of bed and put on my beach togs. I forgot to brush my hair and it was quite amusing once we got down to our chairs. It was a beautiful day!

Slowly but surely other people came to our chairs and joined us. Everyone was moving a little slow. Kate and Carol decided to make a sand castle.

We hung out at the umbrella until they kicked us out at 5:00. I'd been napping. It was wonderful. I was starting to feel human again. That's when Mel's friend Wendy showed up. I've never met her but all of the sudden a woman appears talking about taking off her top. I knew we were in for it!

We all got dressed and headed here. We opted for a seat outside overlooking the marina. It was really nice. We ordered from the bar while we waited.

I was starting to feel better. We were finally seated and the waiter brought out these yummy hushpuppies. OMG, before I knew it I'd eaten 3!

Weenie and I decided to order the jumbo BBQ shrimp for an appy. They were so great!

For my entree, I ordered the Grouper Bayou. It was pan sauteed with a brown menuire butter sauce. It was topped with lump crab meat and shrimp. It was delicious.

Wendy was Slick's "date" for the night so I had them pose for a picture.

Which turned into a lap dance.

After dinner, we'd planned to go to The Boathouse for more drinks but none of us were up for it. We were still too hungover.

On the way back to the hotel, Mel and Wendy wanted some wine so Weenie whipped into the liquor store. I looked at the name of it and had to get out and take a picture of the sign.

That's when I saw Wendy's license plate.

We got back to the hotel and me, Weenie, and Karn hit the hay. Wendy and Mel took a bottle of wine to the pool to catch up and not disturb us. I think I was asleep by 10:30. I'm getting old.

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