Wednesday, August 08, 2007

White Stripes

July 31st we headed to Southaven to a new amphitheater to see Jack and Meg. It was hotter than a motherfucker too. Around 90 something with a heat index of 100. I had a little pocket fan but it didn't really help.

We met at Dyna's house and slammed a few beers. Then we were off. We followed Dyna.

We had lawn tickets.

I snapped this picture of the red stage about the time I heard some security dude tell someone else closeby they were confiscating cameras. I slipped mine back in my pocket.

We left before the last song. It was too fucking hot. We headed to the Bayou. Dyna and Mel were the only ones who met us. Everyone else went home. We should've!

Weenie and Will (one of our servers).

I still have not mastered the self portrait.

Erin brings us anniversary shooters.

We left around 2:00. Erin made us.

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