Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Ho, Ho, Ho's

July 28th was the Ho, Ho, Ho's show. It was being held at Otherlands. We were concerned about getting a table but Susan put our minds at ease. She was reserving us one!

Before the show, we started the party at Mel's house that is right next door to Otherlands. Very convenient, especially when the bar (it's really a coffee bar) ran out of Bud Light. Horrors! We just went next door and got one out of our cooler. Here's a few shots of the preparty.

Check out Bacon's shirt. Hilarous!

Mel is singing in this one.

Then it was time for the show. Let me just say it was fucking great. Rick Steff was a honorary Ho. He played keyboard and accordian. Awesome! Here are some pics from the show.

Susan Marshall!

Reba Russell!Kim Richardson!Rick Steff!

I heard that Susan might be singing River by Joni Mitchell. She played it at the last Ho, Ho, Ho show and I almost melted. It's my favorite. So, here you go! She played it just for me.

How fucking awesome is that? Are you kidding me?!

After the show, we went back to Mel's porch. We were all drunk by then!

I can't wait for the Ho, Ho, Ho's in December.


dlwtn said...

Awesome show!!

TOOGZ said...

wowwww owwww
river that was fn awsome, thanks for the memerories drinkingainteasy. keep the ho ho hos coming