Monday, November 19, 2007

Bachelor Days

Two weekends ago, Weenie left me to go visit friends in Oklahoma. That meant that Mooey was babysitting me. So, Friday night we stayed in, got takeout and watched DVR. Mooey fell asleep on the couch and I went to bed. She left around 8:00 and I went back to bed until around 9:30.

I drove over to Mooey's house and left the truck. We got in her buggy and headed to Dino's for breakfast.

Looks like Mooey is still sleepy!

After breakfast it was time for haircuts!
After our cuts, we went back to Mooey's to kill time before we were going to start drinking beer. Pickle brought Dilly over for Mooey to babysit. We played with him for hours.

After we wore Dilly out, we got dressed and went up to Los Compadres for chips and dip and beers. It was so beautiful outside.

Could my hair be shorter? Am I enlisting?

It started to get chilly once the sun started to set so we went to the Blue Monkey to play the trivia machine.

We racked up 65 million and it was time to go. We were already kinda buzzy. We were meeting Jed and V at Mary's for darts.

We arrived at Mary's around 7:30.

Once Jed and V showed up, we had a shooter.

Since we started so early in the day, I was only able to last until midnight. Plus I missed Weenie.

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