Thursday, July 17, 2008

Texas - Eating and Drinking

Now the post on eating. And maybe some drinking too.

Once we returned from Lake Ivy, we were among many restaurants. The first one we visited was called Don Oscar's.

We all ordered margaritas. They were a strange green color. Mine tasted good, so good in fact, that we all had 3 each. Oh well!

My dinner consisted of 2 enchiladas and 2 tacos. In almost all the Mexican places in San Angelo, they don't put cheese on the tacos. It's bizarre. I have to get it on the side. The food was great!

The next day, we met Weenie's cousin at Chilango's City. It used to be Mejor Que Nada (Better Than Nothing) but had been sold since the last time we were there.

I got the 3 enchilada plate. Chicken enchilada with a sour cream sauce, a beef enchilada with ranchero sauce and a cheese enchilada with tomatillo sauce. It was fucking great.

Also, top shelf margaritas!

Here is Weenie doing a tiny dance outside the restaurant. We were trying to decide which bar we were going to next in our bar hopping extravaganza.

Fat Boss's Pub won out and we drove over there.

We ordered shooters right away. We also had 2 beers here and then went on our way.

Next we went down the street to The Crazy Goat.

We ordered shooters here too.

We had a couple of beers there and then paid our tab. On to the next bar! We landed at The Lone Wolf Pub. Wow was this place scary. We slammed a beer and then crept out. As you can see it's still light outside. Once we opened the door, there was a Fat Bob Harley sitting there. Before I knew what was happening, Weenie had opened the door and yelled "Whoever is riding the Fat Bob, please come outside!" Oh God I thought. This semi-scary guy comes out and they start talking about motorcycles. I kept checking my watch. Finally, Weenie asked the guy "So what did you have before you got this?" He answered, "A wife." Time to go! We made our exit.

On to Giz and Hum's for some pool.

When we entered the bar, it was packed and there were no pool tables. We found out that on Wednesday, it's free pool. We were about to leave when Weenie heard someone calling her name. It was her mother's neighbor. We sat down and had a couple of beers with them. We left there and went to Bailey's Sports Bar.

This place was a dive. We got quarters for pool and started a tab. I noticed on the wall a sign that said on Wednesday nights, long necks were $1. I tend to not believe anything I read, so Weenie went to the bartender and asked and sure enough, $1 beer. So, that made us stay a little longer.

Our final stop was O'Bryan's Five Point Sports Bar.

Much to the delight of Weenie, it was karaoke! We sat down at the end of the bar and ordered beers. They don't take cards here so we quickly looked at the cash situation and were okay for a little while. There was a guy sitting next to Weenie and she kept noticing people coming up to him and introducing themselves. Finally Weenie said "Are you famous?" He told Weenie that he was Ian Kinsler of the Texas Rangers.

Here is a picture of Weenie and Ian two stepping.

Here is a picture of Weenie singing karaoke. You have to look real close to see her. Look to the left of the Denver Broncos horse. There's a tiny orange speck under the smaller green screen. That's her. I asked Ian for his autograph. He is on the left side of this picture.

The next morning, I went online to see if it really was him. The real Ian has longish hair, the one in the bar had no hair. If you'll notice the autograph I got in the bar on the napkin is not even close to the one on the baseball that is for sale on QVC. Weenie and I saw him on the All-Star game Tuesday night and he still has long hair. So, either it's a wig or this guy was impersonating him. The next morning, in order to cure our hangovers, we went to the Wienerschnitzel. Why can't we have one in Memphis?

Yummy chili dog! Weenie got a kraut dog. Yuck!

That night DP fried up all the fish we caught. Look at that scrumptiousness!

The afternoon of the 4th, we packed up and went to Lake Nasworthy. We were taking the big boat to watch the fireworks.

Built in coolers. Sweet!

Pomegranate margaritas!

Look at sexy Weenie!

Gangsta Weenie.

Shotgunning beer.

Me next!

Here are the guys setting up for the fireworks.

Chili dogs!

Finally, at 9:30, it was time for the fireworks. Check out Saturn!

We had a great time in Texas as usual. I can't wait to go back next year!

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