Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Texas - Fishing

I'm going to break the Texas trip up into two posts. One about fishing and the other about eating. That's about all we did!

Here is a picture of us on our way to Lake Ivy. Can you see the fucking horizon? It's so flat in West Texas!

Here is my new fishing/camping chair. I put it in the back of the boat. It doesn't have the table pulled out yet. You will see that in another picture later. Everyone was jealous.

Here we are unloading.

Weenie is our captain. The girls have their own boat and the dumb boys have their own boat.

On the first day, we took the boat over to our fishing hole and as soon as I put my worm in the water, a fish was nibbling.

We were hauling them in.
Look at this monster perch!

Weenie caught a few that day but they were mostly on my side of the boat. Weenie was so sweet. She finally put her pole down so she could take the fish off for me. We kept 22 perch that day.

The buzzards were circling above us most of the day. I'm not sure what they were trying to tell us.

Then we saw it raining in the distance. Yes, that's several miles away.

Here are the fish at the cleaning station.

We rested while Weenie's dad cleaned the fish.

Up the next morning, we had powdered Donettes for breakfast. Notice the table connected to my chair. Go ahead. Look at it.

We unloaded and went to our normal spot. Not much was happening until this 5 pound catfish was on the end of Weenie's pole. It took a minute to get it in!

After the catfish, it got slow so we went to the other side of the lake. It was Weenie's turn to start hauling in the giant perch.

Then she caught this nice crappie! On a worm!

Then, in the same hole, I caught this bass.

The weather was threatening again so we had to go in early but not before catching a bunch more fish.

Monday, it rained again. We finally got to go out on the lake around 1:00. The fishing was lighter and then the boat broke down. Here's a baby bass I caught.

Weenie landed this turtle. He was giant. We quickly grabbed him and took the hook out. He swam away quickly!

Weenie's mother thought if we put a white towel in the tree, someone might come by and rescue us. It wasn't until 9:00 when the boys went to the dock that they noticed we weren't there. We were paddling by this time. I'm so glad they came and got us because it would've been midnight before we would've made it to the dock paddling.

At camp, there are deer everywhere. Check out this beautiful buck that was right next to the camper. If you'll notice, his antlers are "in velvet". DP said he'd only seen a buck in velvet about 3 times in his life. The bucks lose their antlers every season and when they grow back, they are ensconced in this skin that looks like velvet. The skin has blood vessels that nourish the bone (antlers) and once they are grown, the skin sloughs off. Bucks then rub them on trees to get the skin off. I learned something! I had no idea.

The boat was not repairable at camp so we checked out of the Bates Motel and headed to town. We still wanted to fish though. Weenie's dad told us a perfect place in the shade in town. The Concho River flows right through town. We took our chairs and cooler and set up right on the ledge.

It was fun for a little while but the fish were tiny and they ate all our worms! We packed up and bought more worms and went out to Twin Buttes to try our luck at some bigger fish.
We drove out to Twin Buttes and found a place to put our chairs. It was hot as fuck but luckily I had my tiny fan.

And Snickers!

Weenie was roughing it.

We caught several nice sized perch but it was time for dinner. We packed it in and found a dock to fish off the next day.
We got up at a reasonable hour and were fishing about 9:30. I caught this bass almost as soon as I put my worm in the water.

It was about 10:30 when I realized I'd left our fishing licenses at home. We quickly packed our stuff and put it away. We didn't need a ticket!
The Saturday before coming home, we took the big boat (The Minnow) out to Twin Buttes for one last day of fishing.

We caught several perch right away.

DP was in his own boat bass fishing.

He came over to brag about his catch. I can see why.

After loading the boat, we were pulling out when I noticed this bumper sticker on the back of a truck. I think it says it all about Texas.

In case it's too small or blurry, it says "I heart Big Fake Tits".


AskALesbian said...

Another great post!

Weenie looks just like her mom, eh?

Love the chair and the fan. In fact, I love THE IDEA of fishing. In actuality it's difficult for me to put bait on, take fish off, clean, etc. We had a little cabin in the mountains w/our own little bass/turtle filled lake. I think I fished once, but our friends made great use of it. I just liked to boat around looking at all my turtles. One time I raised a clutch of 22 eggs. 16 hatched, and we released.

Thank you for letting the turtle go.

Re. the buck..WTF, did you turn into the nature channel or something?


hoo hoo said...


This blog is mainly about drinking but occasionally we have some sort of nature lesson. LOL

Please stay tuned!