Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Andy is Having a Panda!

Saturday we attended a shower for Andy. It was held at the Grove Grill. We had a room all to ourselves. It was a good thing because we can get loud. Of course, there were stupid shower games that we had to play. One of the games was to take the couple's names and make new names for the baby. They picked the funniest one and it was Panda. I have to admit, that is a good one. The bad thing is, I will probably call him Panda.

Weenie and I had been out the night before so we were trying to shake off hangovers.

Here's how.

There was also a game where everyone got a tiny baby pin and if you said the word "baby" whoever heard you got to take your pin. As you can see, Mooey was listening instead of talking.

Here Andy is opening our present. I think it's called a Diaper Dude.


After the shower, everyone went home and took a nap. Then at 7:00, we headed downtown to Itta Bena. We were meeting Andy for dinner. Susan was playing.

My hangover was pretty much gone by now but these helped. Absolut, soda and with a tiny splash of cranberry. Yum!
I had a delicious entree of halibut which I forgot to photgraph. Thanks. We said our goodbyes to Andy and loaded up and went to One More for darts! It got kind of wild.

Double air guitar.Then the dancing started.

Whose fucking turn is it!!??

Jerry kicked us out. Sowway!!!!!!

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